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From a historic warehouse in the heart of the Midwest to the farthest reaches of the known world. In French flea markets and Indonesian temples that skim the sky. Out by the open fires of Mexico and amongst the sun-dappled farms of the Amish.

Out of these moments, there emerges a distinct vision. A singular legacy that bears repeating.

1986. It starts with one chair: simply woven, yet marked with the pride of its maker. On that day, in that drafty storefront in Cleveland, John Reed makes his first sale and with it, an abiding commitment to furnishing a better world. He envisioned a place for handcrafted furniture built from lasting relationships, where innovative design meets time-honored practices and every decision is drawn from a conscientious awareness of the world around us.

Since that historic day, Arhaus has become more than a collection of stores. We are defined by an unshakable conviction in all that can happen when passion and brilliance converge.

That belief takes us to the corners of the globe in search of inspiration. We rifle through antiques in Italian cellars to discover that rare and striking heirloom. To partner with skilled craftsmen, we make our way to South America, to a small village known for its exceptional coppersmiths and annual flood of monarch butterflies. We source reclaimed wood from rural barns in Asia to fulfill our sustainable mission. Our vision expands every day with the vivid sights and people we encounter, and we strive to bring those moments into everything we create.

We’ll go far for inspiration, but we always come home.

And what does home mean to us? Early morning light that grazes the surface of a cherry wood table. A child’s hand resting on the arm of a worn sofa. Books and photographs and the odd memento that fills each shelf. We believe home exists amongst the lovingly curated objects we surround ourselves with, in the familiar faces and memories that echo within each room. Home is the inspiration and the goal. At Arhaus, it’s the story that never loses its luster.

There’s so much left to write. Complete your story with Arhaus.

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