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Arhaus Furniture, Marketing blurbs on three themes: 1920s, Victorian chic, and nautical


Une Génération Perdue. They lived in extravagance—felt the sweep of silk, the flow of champagne—and rose each day with beautiful and reckless abandon. Yet they were lost, disillusioned by their times. And where do the lost go?

They create their own paradise. Tufted beds cushion the nights that melt into languorous mornings. Dark leather chairs offer an invitation, much like lashes falling across kohl-lined eyes. Mirrored glass reflects dreams that glitter. And everywhere, the unmistakable grace of a well appointed home.

On this side of paradise, the setting is as epic as the stories that unfold. The furnishings are bolder, the materials more sumptuous. It’s a world made for getting lost.


In an age when black gears gleamed and lace hems grazed the streets, alchemy lived behind back alley doors. Secret romance lingered in the scent of dried roses. It was a time of travel and a moment for discovery.

Consider this our reinvention of Victorian style. Here, Industrial influences blend with woodland motifs. Deer heads forged in metal, an elegant chair covered in branches. Oversized metal clocks and playfully macabre lamps that seem to bend with a life of their own. Each piece is created to amuse and provoke the odd question.

We invite you to browse. To wonder. After all, curiosity that is sated is no longer such a marvelous thing.


 In an airy home by the sea, light filters in a certain way, illuminating the luster of wood and grey-blue depths of polished marble. Glass accents dot the walls and sheepskin rugs line the floors. It’s more than an ideal home; it’s a home designed to enchant.

Outdoors, there’s a whiff of adventure, but inside, the mood is tranquil. Books waiting to be read, meals to be enjoyed. A life to cherish.

So settle into a seat protected from stormy shores. Enchantment dwells within.

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