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Blue Heather Leaf Plate

Midsummer night in the woods. Light twinkle softly in the trees. The party begins with passed canapés—all brilliantly displayed on our linear Leaf Plates. Painted ceramic in shades of blue heather, black and white become the centerpiece of any table. The organic shape, highlighted by grooves that mimic the crinkling texture of leaves, brings a bit of that midsummer charm to your next gathering.

Soleil Wavy Shell Chandelier

Early mornings on the pier, sunlight hits the dock a certain way. The Gulf shimmers and breaks. Even barnacles become gems, glittering with golden light. Inspired by these visions, we created our Soleil Wavy Shell Chandelier, a piece accented with layered shells and winding scrolls that capture the warm tones of those early mornings. Set at the center of a room, this chandelier reflects the transporting hues of a secluded coastal escape.

Recycled Timber Coat Hanger 

From his travels around the world, a sailor constructs a piece of history. A square of wood from a harbor in the Indies, a plank from the northern-most forests of Europe. Each bit of timber hand-selected for its unique shadings. Our recycled timber coat hanger takes its inspiration from history as well, blending light and dark wood in a seemingly haphazard configuration that summons a sense of rough-and-ready craftsmanship. Raised markings and hand-distressing completes the look, while five strong iron hooks elevate the piece for everyday functionality. Like a relic from a captain’s attic, this unique coat hanger is especially suited for beach cottages or rustic settings.

Summer Pot 

As the clouds clear and the days become longer, the sunroom becomes the new gathering spot. Morning brunches stretching into second—third pots of coffee. Afternoons spent reading on clean white wicker. And no sunroom is complete without bright accents to catch the eye. Our colored pots are just the thing. The smooth, painted surface is finished with a slight lip for visual interest. A deep opening allows for a variety of warm-weather plants. Its summery shade, reminiscent of cloudless skies, adds a cheerful note to a room.

Aria Mirror 

A scrap of denim from worn jeans. Floral cotton from a summer dress. Bits of hand-sewn tablecloths and curtains from a first, most beloved home. Influenced by heritage quilts of early America, our Aria mirror brings a sense of pastoral craftsmanship to an otherwise simple mirror. The multicolored patchwork wraps the mirror’s frame, providing color and texture around the clear glass. Ideal for adding warm, yet never overstated, sentiment to a home, this cozy piece inspires an afternoon of baking hand pies and reading Ingalls novels by the snap of an open fire.

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