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Shag Bag

There are the fashion wallflowers and then there are the bold. The unafraid. Those who fly ahead of the flock. A little gothic and a little avian, this shag bag is as original as its wearer. Hundreds of hand-cut and individually sewn leather pieces spill from sturdy straps onto a round and roomy base. What will you stash inside? A weather-worn book of poetry? A skeleton key to mysterious rooms? Keep your secrets. This bag can hold them all.

Rio Ring

Is it topographical? Botanical? We’re not sure either, but we think speculation is fun. Earth-toned hairline designs meander across a vibrant green surface, recalling winding river paths—or, alternatively, veins in crushed leaves. Pair this ring with thin, metal bands for a disheveled Miss Havisham elegance or wear it alone, as a statement. With this adjustable ring by Charles Albert, you’ll be sure to spark some questions in your set.

Chevron Smocked Dress

It’s a scorching June afternoon. The Italian coast is dotted with women in figure-skimming print dresses. Tanned legs crossed, they sip Campari while discussing bambinos and, naturally, the latest fashions. Almost as satisfying as continental travel, this dress brings a bit of the carefree Amalfi Coast into your life. A smocked waistline adds definition, while the layered bodice and simple cut keeps you looking refreshingly sleek. Bellissima.

Summer Scoop Top

Remember how good it felt to careen down the highway, blasting Tracy Chapman while the wind tangled your hair and slipped through the fibers of your shirt? You weren’t wearing a silk blazer then. You weren’t wearing a staid button-down. You were wearing an old tee, soft as skin, and nearly as essential. The tee is back this season with this organic cotton top from Indigenous. The softly scooped neck flatters and the ¾ length sleeve lends some updated flair. And flair you’ll need if you’re going to make an appearance at that secret watering hole before dark. This isn’t nostalgia. It’s adaptation. It’s about bringing beloved memories back to life. Amazing what a simple tee can do.

Flynn Necklace

Somewhere on a distant island, music shakes the trees. A woman throws her scarf in the air. The wind catches her hair. All eyes are on her—and that remarkable necklace whipping around as she moves. Eight thin, beaded strands clasp together in our Flynn necklace, punctuated with gold beads for visual interest. Wear it over a maxi sundress for some nomadic chic or add a burst of color on a basic tee. We could even see it draped over a bathing suit, for the more stylish swimmers among us. And we’re sure it’s lightweight enough for dancing.

Flash Forward Bag

There’s a nightclub in Miami that sits on the whitest sand beach. No one shows up before midnight. Then, the sky lights up. Lithesome women skim past the swiftly forming line, their smiles as bright as their jewelry. They carry bags such as this one. The sparkling silver-gold tones contrast nicely with a studded dark leather strap. The bag’s interior is roomy enough for a pair of morning-after sandals, but it’s not so large that it would be cumbersome. Strictly for the spark-makers among us.

Resin Statement Ring

Kandinsky understood. Mondrian understood. Geometric abstraction is the epitome of reduction—our glorious world distilled to circles and squares. But in this case, reductive doesn’t mean crude. These resin rings are the height of unadorned sophistication. Carved to slip easily on your finger, with clean lines and a subtle black color, they emphasize both form and material. Substantial without being overpowering, these rings make a statement—never an exclamation. So wear one and nod knowingly. You understand too.

Anbroxe Pullover 

You’re having dessert under the stars. A brisk breeze wafts by and you’re wearing that devastatingly slinky dress that’s served you so well—until now. You could ask your date for his coat (or his arm). But who needs a man when you’ve got this little pullover? So soft it slips off the hanger—but not your body. Light enough to toss in a purse, yet not so light that it doesn’t give you coverage. And available in four flattering shades. This wardrobe staple is more than ready for your closet. Here’s an idea: take the pullover and the arm.

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