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Living Coral

December 12, 2018 in Inspiration
Living Coral

Pantone’s 2019 color of the year. Vibrant, saucy, layered. We like coral here at Hello Light. We like it even more when preceded by the word living

It reminds us of …

  • Our cool aunt’s cardigan paired with a chunky beaded necklace. Rare few can pull off a twinset. 
  • Fondant on a birthday cake, perfectly smoothed, topped with tropical chocolate flowers. And then the color-saturated raspberry buttercream filling, as pert as a wink. 
  • Looking through our first kaleidoscope, watching the way the shapes snapped into place, then retracted again. The beautiful inevitability of design.
  • A page from a children’s book, read to our toddler in the early morning. Her surprisingly firm grip on our thumb.
  • Crackling sunsets alive with energy and promise. The first cocktail of the night. 
  • Music that makes us swish across the floors barefoot, feeling like we could move like this all day long. 

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