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A close, a beginning

December 9, 2018 in Thoughts
A close, a beginning

It’s another quiet night in Ohio. Apple cake slowly warming the house with its cinnamony smell, the kind that seeps into your memory like melting sugar. A twinkle of light in the periphery from shadowed neighboring houses. The humming heater blowing back season-inappropriate linen curtains. 

Each year I choose a word to help guide and exemplify my year. 2018’s was health – mental, personal, professional health. In this past year, I tried to put my wellbeing at the top of the priority list – or as reasonably close as I can with a toddler summoning me most hours of the day. And now, I’ve got a handle on some of it; or more of a handle than I had before. I’ve cut things from my life that were unhealthy, with the notable exception of fried potatoes, and have taken up practices that promote health. Vitamins. So many vitamins. Phone calls with friends, frank conversations with my partner, cuddles with my daughter.

Health can mean so many different things. To me, it means having a will and energy to move forward. Being scrappy, if not always optimistic, in the face of life’s many setbacks. So Hello Light Creative, this scary exciting big adventure of mine: another step towards health. A scrappy, energetic future in the making. 

The word for 2019? Joy. The thing that comes after health. The reward for a year of transition and risk. Now we go forward. Now we do. 

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  1. Thao! Love this post. You are a wonderful writer! I feel like I’m sitting in your cozy living room with you. It’s warm and smells amazing! Here’s the a JOYFUL year for you!

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