About Hello Light

What is Hello Light Creative?

Hello Light Creative provides creative services to brands, whether that means designing sites and graphics, or writing compelling content.

Not everyone needs a full-scale marketing department, with dozens of art directors and content strategists. Some brands just need an extra push to get out into the (spot)light.

That’s where I come in. I’ll be your teammate in all matters brand related. We’ll work together to build a foundation for you to grow, creating a stunning web design or threading together the perfect sentences to make you shine.

My hope is that you’ll walk away confident and empowered for the future.

About Hello Light
Tell me more about this one-woman show

Tell me more about this one-woman show.

I’m Thao. I’m a creative unicorn, with an MFA in Creative Writing and over a decade of experience in print and web design. I also develop websites and illustrate happy things. After years of experience with brands as both an in-house designer/writer and a creative at design firms, I wanted to find a way to connect more deeply with brands, and make direct impact.

Hello Light emerged from a feeling – that exhilarating, inimitable feeling of inspiration welling up inside, ready to pour out. I thought of the metaphor of day breaking through dark, a brilliant sunrise warming a dawn sky. Hence: Hello Light. A feeling and an ideal.

When I’m not creating things, I’m chasing my toddler around, making my way through an enormous and aspirational stack of books, and reconciling my love of french fries with my hatred of working out. And, yeah, my office really is bubblegum pink.

Okay, time to discuss logistics.

The beauty of a one-stop creative service shop like mine is my flexibility. I have all the skills in one tidy place, with little overhead (aside from a generous coffee budget). I don’t believe in outrageously long timelines or bank-breaking pricing. Hello Light was founded on the idea that great marketing could be accessible for small businesses.

My rates are curated for small businesses ready to take the next step. No pretension, no hype. Just a powerful partnership to help your brand grow.

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Okay, time to discuss logistics

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